Whether you’re social distancing or self-isolating, discover photography tips and inspiration for new creative opportunities, within the comfort of your own home.

Challenging yourself to a photographic project might help with all the apprehension that continues to grow around us. With the prospect of having to remain at home, it’s easy to become lethargic and under-stimulated. Photography is often associated with outdoor activity, but here’s an opportunity to tackle it from another perspective. Take a look below at some different home projects that you can shoot indoors, as recommended by street photographer Robin Sinha.

All images taken on the Leica SL2, M-Adapter L and Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2

1. Documenting self-isolation

In the confinement of your home, consider how you could represent self-isolation in a pictorial form. Perhaps you could aim to portray this in one single image, or alternatively, you could take a more documentary approach, building up a series of images that include the smaller, intricate details that gradually reveal a narrative. You could even represent self-isolation through a series of self-portraits.

2. Get creative with still-life

If you’re up for the challenge of acquiring new skills and testing your boundaries, consider a still-life project using props you probably already have at home. Why not be playful with water and capture a splash? Or combine water with oil to create delicate abstracts. How about using mirrors to explore light and reflection? These challenges will certainly benefit your photography in the long run.

3. Capture the essence of spring

Thankfully, nature is all around us. Whether you have a garden or a balcony, capturing the new season will not only produce wonderful photographs but will help to reduce tension and promote feelings of calm. Don’t forget to look out the window for the wildlife that surrounds you!

4. Discover portraiture at home

Have you always wanted to develop your portrait skills? Use this time to discover your vision and put it to work. Developing a personal project is all about exploring your opportunities, experimenting with your resources and discovering the story that you want to tell. Practicing portraits at home, be it your family, toddler or dog, will help set you up for approaching strangers in the future.


All images © Robin Sinha

If you’re looking for help developing your own personal project or want to get to know your Leica camera a little better, you can now book a virtual Leica Bespoke Online session with Robin Sinha here.