Cat Garcia is a Leica Ambassador whose work celebrates individuality and the simple, authentic beauty of her subjects. Cat photographs people and places with a lightness of touch and sense of storytelling with her trusty Leica SL.

During this time whilst at home, I’ve been shooting a personal series called ‘A-Z, At Home’. It’s such a simple theme, but one that’s making me really look and notice the details of everything around me at home. And giving me the challenge of thinking up an idea for a simple, graphic way of shooting each letter, one letter each day.

Here are some of my first images, and I’ve been sharing more as I go on Instagram.

I’m shooting the series on my Leica SL and a mix of lenses, which I’m choosing depending on what suits the subject best. Between my 50mm and 90mm SL lenses, and I’ve also been shooting much of this series with the Leica Elpro 52 on M lenses on my SL body, to shoot macro! Which is pretty different to the portrait work in my archive.

The theme of A-Z all shot at home, gives a simple structure to work to, and is keeping me shooting and experimenting every day, whilst obviously, most importantly, staying home.

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