I went to the Royal Albert Hall a few weeks ago to see Eric Clapton play. I’ve seen him a few times before so wasn’t too fussed about having been given a ticket for the nose-bleed section. It’s all good. I took my Leica D-Lux 4 along with me on a whim. I don’t know what made me think to take it. Ever since having a disposable camera confiscated at a U2 gig in South Africa in 1996, I’ve been a bit coy about taking any camera I’ve paid for, to a gig. It’s not that I wouldn’t miss the D-Lux 4. Quite the contrary. Maybe I just felt lucky. OK no, that can’t be it. Maybe I’ll give it some thought. Maybe I wont.

I quite like how these three images turned out. These first two images were processed in Silver Efex Pro with Ilford film. The one below with slightly more contrast was processed with Kodak Tri-X 400TX Pro film. I’m still running with version 1.x of Silver Efex Pro.

-Ray Scott

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