This Friday we’re interrupting our usual photographer interviews due to a fascinating trend that has come to our attention: Leica tattoos! We’ve discovered a handful of Leica enthusiasts that are so dedicated to the brand that they have adorned their bodies in ink with images of the Leica logo, cameras and lenses. And no, they didn’t receive any free products in return for their permanent endorsement just in case you are wondering. What brand wouldn’t be flattered? For these extreme enthusiasts, we’ve created a space to share their body art with the Leica community on flickr:

The group was just initiated and we’re curious to see what other Leica tattoos exist! If you or someone you know has or is looking to get Leica body art, visit our new Leica Tattoos group on Flickr to share photos or to find inspiration. Join Marco and Travis as some of Leica’s most dedicated fans – a title that is very competitive. We will periodically share their stories here on the Leica Camera blog too.

If you don’t have a Leica tattoo but have photos to share with us, we welcome you to post them on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

What would your Leica tattoo look like?

-Leica Internet Team

See these photos and share your own on Flickr,