Leica Lens 0.95 S.T. Dupont

 “We find the 0.95 lens to be elegant, sharp, and durable; a lens that would inspire people to use their cameras every day.” Megha Malagatti.
S.T. Dupont, a French brand that breaths and resonate with the motto,  “The Art of Living Well” has partnered with Leica in an exquisite mix of finely crafted products that highlight the accuracy, elegance, and timelessness of the Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH, the fastest aspherical lens. Megha Malagatti, Category Director at S.T. Dupont shared her views on the creative process behind this line of accessories, delving deeper into the inspiring 0.95 lens.
As many heritage brands, much like S.T. Dupont and Leica, creativity is at the core of the brands and serves as the backbone for the many years of quality products. Malagatti opens up by saying the shared views by the two brands on having passion for creating the “perfect beautiful functional objects.”

Leica Accessories 0.95 S.T. Dupont

She continues: “This collection represents the French elegance for the perfectly engineered German technology. The inspiration clearly comes from the 0.95 concept that describes the speed, precision and performance of the best lens a camera could have. The fine elegant lines on the lens with the ‘0.95’ logo were the key elements that were taken to marry the creations of both the brands.”

S.T. Dupont Key Ring Leica 0.95

When comparing the quickness and reliability of the 0.95 lens to the elegance and precision of the S.T. Dupont pens, Malagatti highlights the representation of the grandeur in the brand’s “Art of Writing”. Clearly, quality is at the top priority level for Malagatti’s team. She says: “We have numerous quality tests that help the object sustain great strength and to deliver great speed in writing. The precision of writing is crafted to perfection.” Imagine the speed at which the 0.95 lens captures the pixels of a specific image, as fast as it can be, these S.T. Dupont line of pens write with that “same intensity and passion.”

S.T. Dupont and Leica 0.95

Timeless brands including Leica and S.T. Dupont often embark in a journey of finding the ideal customer: Who will purchase the products? Who will carry the legacy of their quality? How will they stand the test of time? She replies with a specific phrase, one that many brands would die to embrace: “Exceptional products are for exceptional people”. She continues by saying that they “believe in crafting sustainable objects and these are for those who enjoy their lives in a responsible way.” How can someone become an ambassador of such brands? Simply express passion while “contributing to a responsible way of living,” Malagatti describes.
We asked Megha about the specific technical details that make this line of accessories so unique and epic, very much like the 0.95 lens:
“We have always been known for using precious materials that are handcrafted by artisans. Our artisans shape, mold and work with these materials to transform their creativity to life. One of the best inventions we have achieved in the past 3 years of R&D is the Ceramium A.C.T.™. It is forty percent lighter than the metals conventionally employed in the making of writing instruments, completely fire-resistant, and offers up to six times the resistance to mechanical stresses. It is a material ‘made possible’ that was virtually impossible. In addition to this exquisite material, we always work with other historic precious materials such as gold, palladium and brass with various finishes.”

S.T. Dupont 0.95 Leica

“The experience was a beautiful and creative journey. I had the opportunity to look deep into a brand that has a great heritage and a passion for precision. The attention to details given to each element brings together both our brands who ‘belief in perfection’.”
Malagatti ends by drawing the similarity between the photographer’s intention of capturing a moment with a camera and the writer, capturing exceptional thoughts on paper. The ‘Art of Writing’ definitely has embedded connotations with the ‘Art of Photography’, who might argue otherwise? The 0.95, an exclusive collection by S.T. Dupont and inspired by the fast and reliable 0.95 lens will help “light up the passion for your life and express your feelings with beautiful words.”
Please find more information about S.T. Dupont on their official website.