We recently asked you on our social media channels to tag us in your self-portraits because we love learning about our community and the people behind the lens. That’s why this blog post is all about the stories of five photographers and their Leicas: John, Emily, Graeme, Andres and Pablo. Discover how they see the world through their Leica.

Meet John Waire, a documentary photographer who strives to shine a light on everyday moments. Read how he discovered his perfect camera.

“I borrowed the Leica M (Typ 240) from a friend who was upgrading to the M10 (this time last year). I had been shooting with a different camera for the past several years and had rented a Leica every now and again when I had the itch. This time around, an internal switch flipped for me. Once I had the camera in my hand, I knew that I was never going to let it go.
The build quality is amazing. It created a shift in my focus… quite literally. I feel more immersed in the image-making. Waiting longer. Exercising patience. It forces me to be present and be much more intentional with each frame. When asked, I’ve often used the analogy of driving a manual vs an automatic car. The simplicity and control at my fingertips are unmatched and it’s a lot of fun. In a fast, digital world, it’s slowed things down for me in all of the right ways and made the documentation of life that much more rewarding.”

See more of John’s work here: http://thewairehouse.com/about


Meet Emily Mandagie, travel and lifestyle photographer who aims to inspire outdoor adventure.

“I love taking photographs because it has the power to bring people together! Photographing images freezes a memory, those feelings at the moment, and recalls special bonds between people as you look back on those memories. My husband and I currently shoot with the Leica M6 because we love how film can capture the essence of the moment. Recently, we took a trip to Burgdorf Hot Springs deep in the forest of Idaho, and the M6 allowed us to freeze time and really hold on to the 100-year history and stories there. The M6 provides a one-of-a-kind look for us and the mechanics of it make us slow down and really think about the image in front of us. We’re currently looking to expand our collection to the Leica M10, to dive deeper into the Leica M series.”

Read more on Emily’s adventures here: www.themandagies.com


Meet Graeme Hutton, a black-and-white photographer whose work captures everyday life on the streets.

“Photography is a great way to challenge myself creatively. For some reason, people don’t expect you to be taking photos if you are disabled, so I can be quite stealthy, with a lower point of view.

I currently only use a Leica Q which I find easy to use single-handed. Changing lenses is not practical for me so the ability to frame at 28, 35 & 50mm at the touch of a button, and retain superb quality, is a godsend.”

Discover Graeme’s Instagram feed: graemehutton196


Meet Andres Rodriguez. He is the Editor-in-Chief at TAPAS magazine and Forbes magazine, Spain. Read his story on how he discovered his first Leica.

“The first time a Leica shook my legs was in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. I was basically a child and I had gone to cover a journalist at The Wall concert that Roger Waters performed at, celebrating the reunification of the city. In front of me, Roger performs, and next to me, there was a photographer, with the magnificent M6. I knew, then, that Leica and I would be good friends. I started with a Leica Minilux and India was our first destination together.

Since then I have moved five or six times and recomposed my life. I have directed the Rolling Stones, I have edited and directed Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, the New York Times, yet the Minilux continued to be my number one companion.

Now, I own a Leica Monochrom, a Q2, a Safari edition and of course… the M6. I don’t often publish my photographs, but I hope that my children find joy in looking through them one day.”


Meet Pablo Ortega (and his girlfriend Marta Caparrós), two analog photographers who love to document their journey together. Read on to discover Pablo’s love for photography.

“The reason that I love photography is that it allows me to connect with reality, to be present in the moment and to share other people’s stories. It is a universal language… that’s the most beautiful part of photography. At the moment, I’m using a Leica M6. For me, the Leica M-System is simply perfect. The viewfinder is a window that allows me to peek out into reality and observe. I feel it is an extension of my arm, a tool without artifice, there are no distractions with unnecessary functions or buttons. I can tell the story…”

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