French and London based photographer, Tiffany Roubert, shares her new photography series ‘Where Time Stands Still’, shot exclusively in black and white on the Leica Q2 Monochrom. Over the last few months, and with the global pandemic keeping her at home, Tiffany began to observe her surroundings and everyday ordinary situations with more consciousness. And the outcome is a beautiful black and white progression of light, texture, shape and tone.

Capturing daily life with the Q2 Monochrom was a whole new photographic experience for me. I’ve always loved black and white photography because there is a certain mood that colour simply can’t provide. Shooting exclusively in black and white meant that I was immediately drawn to light, texture and shape. And because of the camera’s special features, I preferred the poetry of a blurry silhouette or a foggy scene to tell a story of a specific person or place.

These times have been challenging for us all. For me, in some ways, life feels like time has frozen and so I wanted to translate this kind of stillness into my photography. As the days were passing by, I quietly sat and observed my surroundings… the impact of the changing light on a blank wall, a foggy morning at the park… These everyday ordinary situations became something special to observe and record.

I was absolutely blown away by the sharpness of the Q2 Monochrom and I’ve also always loved the minimal features of a Leica camera. Even though I usually prefer a 35mm or 50mm compared to a 28mm, I loved it because the camera gives wider frame lines. And with the incredible image resolution of this camera, my photos could easily be cropped.


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